Your Ultimate Guide To The Spacemaker Microwave

Spacemaker Microwave, The Future Is Now…

If you have been looking for information about spacemaker microwave ovens, then fortunately for you, you’ve landed in the right place. I’ll briefly cover some of the qualities and options that have made the spacemaker microwave oven a favorite in kitchens all across the country today.

Spacemaker Microwave

We’ll look at the revolutionary CircuWave technology that the spacemaker microwave ovens incorporate. We’ll also talk about the automatically adjusting cooking sensor controls, as well as the optional trim that can make this microwave fit in with any kitchen, anywhere. Read about these unique functions and more, as we delve into the world of General Electric and the ground breaking spacemaker microwave oven.

Patented CircuWave technology

The CircuWave technology incorporated into the General Electric’s line of spacemaker microwaves is a pioneering technology which actually turns the microwaves as well as the turntable at the same time. This revolutionary way of turning the microwaves enables the microwave to cook more uniformly. This is in contrast to standard microwaves that tend to heat the food around the edges first, whilst cooking the inside last. The CircuWave technology is available to use in all ten power levels that are available to the spacemaker microwave.

Auto adjusting sensor cooking controls

Another quite remarkable feature of this particular microwave is the sensors that have been built into the upper area inside the oven. These sensors detect the humidity in the air from the food being cooked. The sensor then evaluates and adjusts the time spent cooking as well as re-adjusting power levels to suit too.

Popcorn, beverage and one touch chocolate and butter melt settings

These particular spacemaker microwave models available from General Electric also come with one touch settings. These are pre-set times that are determined by the manufacturer that are used for a variety food and drinks. While the one touch popcorn maker is a fantastic feature, the real diamond here are the one touch beverage options and melt functions. I’ll list some but not all below, as they really are too numerous to include fully in this article.

  • Melt settings
    • Butter melt
    • Chocolate melt
    • Marshmallow melt
    • Caramel melt
    • Cheese melt
    • Ice cream melt
  • Beverage settings include but not up to
    • Cold milk to warm
    • One touch tea
    • One touch hot chocolate
    • Auto & time defrost

One of the age old problems that has beset microwaves since their introduction into the home kitchen, is the defrost function. General Electric has now found a way past that problem by having a function where you enter the weight, what type of food you are going to defrost e.g. chicken, fish, meat, etc. You then simply press the start button. The microwave comes pre-set with parameters that take out the guess work for you, yet more simply stunning innovation from GE.

Spacemaker Microwave design and styling

While above we have discussed the inner functions and pre-set programs the spacemaker microwave comes with as standard, we have yet to talk about the beautiful design and the space saving functions that the spacemaker is aptly named for.

Spacemaker optional hanging kit

One of the more common problems in today’s modern kitchens is the lack of space, and when there is counter space available, placing a microwave on the counter can sometimes destroy that clean look a lot of us strive for when designing our kitchens. The spacemaker gets around this problem by having an optional hanging kit. The microwave can then simply be installed below the cabinets that normally sit above the counter in your kitchen, thus keeping clean lines while still being fully accessible.

Optional built-in trim kit

The above space maker hanging kit certainly solves the problem of achieving clean line and utilizing space to the fullest, but for the even more design conscious of us, General Electric has also had the foresight to introduce a trim kit, this trim kit be added to your existing upper cabinets to blend the microwave perfectly with the look of your kitchen, achieving a custom fit and appearance worthy of any kitchen.

Spacemaker Microwave ease of use and accessibility

Some of the options also available with spacemaker microwaves include a double rack, this is perfect when cooking multiple items and can double the space available for cooking inside the microwave. The microwave also comes with adjustable light settings for night use and easy interior cleaning. The electronic soft touch pad gives access to an array of functions. Add 30 seconds for instance is pretty self-explanatory, simply adding 30 seconds to cooking time with each touch.

The kitchen timer has a delay function that’s ideal when preparing food in advance; a couple of soft touches and you can then set the oven to start cooking at a prescribed time set by yourself. There is a child lock function, which is an essential option, and should be made available on all microwaves that are produced for the domestic market as far as I’m concerned, kids have an extraordinary curiosity and the last place you want them to be putting toys or other unwanted items are in a microwave.

The microwave also has the standard heat, re-heat, defrost and cook functions; these are available in the easy menu system. Cook function are the standard plus and minus functions available on every microwave. The use on this microwave however is of limited use, this is mainly due to the extraordinary amount of pre-programmed functions, that are already set in the menu as standard on the spacemaker microwave. The oven also has a built in four speed system exhaust fan. This is essential for clearing condensation and hot steam from the work place.

General Electric’s Leading innovation and design in the Spacemaker Microwave Oven

General Electric has always been a company of innovation, it was in the late 70′s that they took the home kitchen market by storm, with their original introduction of the spacemaker ovens. With the introduction of their new line of spackemaker microwave ovens, nothing appears to have changed on that front. Innovation and beautiful styling with leading edge technology appear to be the characteristic of any General electric products, and as must be apparent by now they have knocked another one out the park with the spacemaker microwave oven.

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